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We Are Creative Entrepreneurs.

Who Are We? 
We are a collective of seasoned creative entrepreneurs with a successful background in publishing, podcasting, public speaking, broadcast media, public relations, film, and photography.  The entrepreneurial journey is often one of isolation, confusion, and the chase of shiny objects. 

Cre8tive Con is the conference you need to be to gain actionable tools, verified pathways and a live community where you will elevate your voice. 

What will the experience be like?

Cre8tive Con Is Where Your Voice Multiplies.
Here, the novelist becomes a podcaster, the motivational speaker dives into influencer marketing, and the charismatic TikTok creator learns the pull of captivating speeches. If you are an entrepreneur making waves with webinars, why not encapsulate your journey in a book? And for the YouTuber sharing life and adventures. 

Imagine translating those stories into motivational talks or podcast
episodes. At Cre8tive Con, we don't put you in a box; we show you
there's a whole world of platforms ready to elevate your message.
Every story has layers, and at Cre8tive Con, we help you unveil them all.
That Etsy store owner selling handcrafted jewelry might be the next
podcast sensation discussing the world of DIY crafting. An author, while a
master of words on paper, might discover they're a natural fit for public
speaking or even a YouTube series exploring their book’s universe. Is the
school teacher sharing snippets of educational tips on TikTok? They could
be the next big thing in educational publishing or keynote speaking. With
Cre8tive Con, you don’t just stick to what you know; you discover
what you could become.

Media Icons
Reality TV Stars
TEDx Speakers
TV News Anchors
Emmy Nominated Producers & Directors
Best-Selling Authors
Social Media Professionals 
and MORE.
All At Your Fingertips. 

Cre8tive Con Is Your Rolodex of People Paving The Way For Us. 

At Cre8tive Con, we cultivate the crossroads of creativity. Our mission is
simple yet expansive: to guide every storyteller, whether a writer, speaker,
podcaster, or influencer, in weaving their narrative through multiple
mediums. In today's dynamic world, why limit your voice? Whether you are a
seasoned author yet to explore podcasting or a charismatic TikTok artist
unsure about public speaking, we bridge the gaps. We are the beacon for
the entrepreneur, the aspirant, and the dreamer, showing that every story,
big or small, has a place in multiple realms.

Come discover, diversify, and
direct your story with Creative Con, where your potential knows no bounds.
Rooted in the belief that creativity is boundless, our mission is to empower
every individual – the writer, the public speaker, the podcaster, and the
digital influencer. Whether you’re a small business owner pioneering a
brand, a passionate TikTok creator, or an entrepreneur seeking new
avenues, we present a world where your story thrives in myriad ways.
We're not just another conference; we're a movement that challenges
the one-track narrative.

Join us, and let’s explore the endless ways to
magnify your voice, ensuring that every story, no matter its origin,
finds its vast audience.

Cre8tive Con is a reminder: there’s always another platform waiting
to amplify your voice. Dive into a world where every skill, every
passion, can find a new stage.

With us, the story isn't just about finding your voice, but about
expanding its horizon. Cre8tive Con is your comprehensive hub,
where every mode of expression finds a home, ensuring everyone -
no matter their background - knows they belong and can shine.
At Cre8tive Con, we don't just help you find your narrative; we show
you endless ways to share it. Dive into the universe where your story
gets the stage, the podcast, the blog, and more.

"Speak it. Write it. Live it."
Your journey is about to begin, and the world is ready to listen.
Join us at cre8tive Con, the ultimate conference for those looking to unlock their full potential in writing, podcasting, public speaking, publishing, YouTubing, and more! Presented by the acclaimed award-winning publisher Rhonda Penders from The Wild Rose Press, the dynamic Dominick Domansky from Motivation Champs Media, and the visionary Julie Lokun, JD, founder of The Mediacasters.


Experience an immersive journey like never before at cre8tive Con! Our conference offers a diverse range of workshops led by renowned experts, where you'll dive deep into the world of creative writing, podcasting, media, and publishing. Gain invaluable insights from industry insiders as they share their secrets to success and help you hone your craft.

Be inspired by our seasoned mainstage panels, where you'll have the opportunity to engage with luminaries in the fields of publishing, media, podcasting, and creativity. Discover the latest trends, innovative strategies, and groundbreaking ideas that are shaping these industries. Whether you're a seasoned professional or just starting your creative journey, these panels will provide invaluable knowledge and inspiration.

But the excitement doesn't end there! Cre8tive Con proudly presents a live performance by a lineup of talented creatives, authors, podcasters, and even Emmy-nominated producers. Prepare to be captivated by their awe-inspiring talents as they share their stories, perform live readings, showcase their podcasts, and provide unforgettable entertainment.

Immerse yourself in a world of creativity, innovation, and self-expression at cre8tive Con. Connect with fellow creatives, expand your network, and unlock your true potential. This is your chance to be part of a truly transformative event. Don't miss out on this extraordinary opportunity! Secure your place now for an unforgettable experience at cre8tive Con!

Mark your calendars for a two-day extravaganza of creativity and inspiration in the heart of the Chicago land area! Cre8tive Con is coming to town, and you won't want to miss this unforgettable event.

Day 1 kicks off with a series of immersive workshops led by industry experts, where you'll get hands-on experience and practical tips to enhance your skills in writing, podcasting, public speaking, publishing, YouTubing, and more. You will have access to leaders in content creation, publishing, podcasting, social media, and more. In addition, you have VIP access to the Main Stage where all your creative questions will be answered. Dive deep into your creative journey and learn techniques that will set you apart from the rest. The day will cap off with an interactive networking event, live entertainment, and meet and greets. 

On Day 2, get ready for an action-packed schedule of mainstage panels featuring esteemed professionals in the fields of publishing, media, podcasting, and creativity. Engage in thought-provoking discussions, gain insider knowledge, and discover the latest trends that are reshaping these industries. From groundbreaking strategies to success stories, these panels will leave you inspired and ready to take your creative pursuits to new heights. 

Wait for it...... that's not all! As the sun sets on Day 2, cre8tive Con transforms into a hub of entertainment with a captivating live performance. Sit back, relax, and be enchanted by the incredible talents of renowned creatives, authors, podcasters, and even Emmy-nominated producers. Prepare to be wowed as they take the stage, showcasing their exceptional skills and providing an evening of unforgettable entertainment.

cre8tive Con is the ultimate gathering for those who are passionate about unleashing their creative potential. Network with fellow enthusiasts, connect with industry leaders, and immerse yourself in a supportive community of like-minded individuals. This is your chance to tap into the vibrant creative scene of the Chicago land area and fuel your passion.

Secure your tickets now for this two-day creative extravaganza that will leave you inspired, informed, and ready to conquer your creative dreams. Don't miss out on the opportunity to be part of Cre8tive Con in the vibrant city of Chicago!

Join Us Today. Space is limited. 
Tickets on Sale September 2024.
With Gratitude-
Julie and Dom


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