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13 Steps to Building an Omni-Present Brand with Google Optimization

Google is queen. Everything I have done since becoming knee-deep in the entrepreneurial world is to court Google herself. I want to be found when people search for my services, and I need to create a buzz on Google that expands beyond social media.

I want you to start with this first step: Google yourself. What pops up? How many pages are linked to your name? Do you have picture after picture of yourself and your brand? Better yet--do you have a Google Knowledge Panel?


The Google Knowledge Panel is a feature that appears on Google's search results pages, providing users with a concise overview of their search topic, whether it's a person, place, event, organization, or concept. This SERP feature is designed to enhance the user's search experience by delivering relevant and easily digestible information at a glance.

The information presented in the Google Knowledge Panel is sourced from the Google Knowledge Graph. Think of the Knowledge Graph as the complex brain that processes and organizes the world's information, while the Knowledge Panel serves as its user-friendly interface, presenting the gathered data in a user-friendly format on the search results page.

How can you as a creative, an entrepreneur, a podcaster or writer start the journey to being validated on Google?

Upleveling your name on Google search results, often referred to as "online reputation management," is essential for personal and professional branding. Here are some effective strategies to improve your online presence and search results:

  1. Optimize Your Online Profiles:

    • Create and maintain active profiles on social media platforms, professional networking sites, and other relevant websites. Use your full name and ensure consistency across all profiles.

  • Start a blog or website with your name as the domain, and regularly publish high-quality content related to your expertise or interests.

  • Share relevant and informative content on your social media profiles. Engage with your network by participating in discussions and networking with others in your field.

  • Your LinkedIn profile is often one of the first results to appear in search. Optimize it with a professional photo, detailed work history, and endorsements.

  • Write guest posts for reputable websites or contribute articles to online publications in your industry. This can improve your credibility and visibility.

  • Encourage clients, colleagues, and friends to leave positive reviews and recommendations on platforms like Google My Business, LinkedIn, and other relevant review sites.

  • Consider creating a personal website or blog to showcase your expertise and accomplishments. Optimize it for search engines by using relevant keywords.

  • Use a professional headshot for your profiles and website. A high-quality image can make a positive impression.

  • Set up Google Alerts or use online reputation management tools to keep track of mentions and discussions related to your name.

  • Review and adjust the privacy settings on your social media accounts to control what is visible to the public.

  • Participate in online courses and earn certifications relevant to your field. Mention these accomplishments on your profiles and website.

  • If you come across negative content or comments, respond professionally and constructively or consider addressing concerns privately.

  • Identify what sets you apart and build a personal brand around it. This will help you stand out and be memorable in your field.

  • If you're facing significant online reputation challenges, consider consulting with an online reputation management specialist or public relations expert.

Remember that improving your online presence and search results takes time and consistency. Be patient and continue to curate a positive online image that accurately represents your personal and professional identity.

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