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Best Tips To Network Like A Pro

There’s no doubt that networking can give your brand a big boost as an author. It’s important to position yourself within a community that elevates you and refers you to others who support your growth as an author, entrepreneur, podcaster, or creative.

Every person we encounter changes the trajectory of our lives. If networking incites anxiety start with small steps every day which will lead to creating a habit or routine that expands your professional circle. 

Spend part of your week networking and making new contacts with these methods:

  1. Examine your current resources. You already know someone well-connected. Think about all of your friends, family, neighbors, and coworkers. Consider your entire social network. Maybe you’re a member of a church, patron of a library, or a participant in a local women’s group. Are you leveraging those contacts effectively?

  2. The key to effective networking is consistency and persistence. A little each day is more effective than a monumental effort every once in a while. It’s like going to the gym. You need to be consistent in your efforts if you want to see big results. Set aside time to reach out to people each week. If you need to schedule time for networking, block out time on your calendar weekly.

  3. Join relevant local and national organizations. Whether you’re an expert in parenting, chemistry, fitness, or religion some organizations cater to your needs and interests. Do the research and join a new organization. The fresh faces and conversations have the power to lead you in new directions. 

  4. Make use of social media. is great for networking. Utilize social media and make your presence known to the world. Contact a few people regularly via social media. Engaging on these platforms and following up with Zoom conversations is a great way to expand your brand’s reach.

  5. Be proactive. You can’t just stand in the middle of the crowd at a networking event and expect people to line up for the privilege of talking to you. The burden is on you to start conversations. Take the bull by the horns and mingle. I promise you will get more comfortable with easy breezy conversations the more you do it. Make sure you have your business card with you. Have a card that stands out and will be memorable. 

TIP: Put a QR code on the card that connects to all your links.  I use a QR CODE GENERATOR to customize my links.  It is a great tool to see who is looking at your information. ⬇️

7. Learn to ask open-ended questions. It’s hard to maintain a conversation by asking questions that can be answered with a “yes” or “no”. Ask questions that require a detailed answer. You’ll find it much easier to speak with others when you use open-ended questions.

8. Follow up religiously. Communicating with someone one time won’t do much for you. Reach out to the most promising contacts you’ve made and touch base. Stay in touch.

9. You can’t expect to receive more effort and value than you provide. You truly receive what you give when it comes to networking. You won’t get much if you don’t give much. Make a real effort to help others.

10. Focus on quality over quantity. Passing out your business card like you’re passing out car wash coupons won’t do you a lot of good. Everyone can see what you’re doing. Make an effort to make a few real connections rather than throwing 100 darts at the wall. Quality counts.

11. Connect others. This can be especially powerful. Bring other people together. This is especially easy to do and can pay off down the road for your career. Being a connector is as powerful as networking 1:1.

12. Avoid selling or asking for anything. If every time you reach out to someone you’re trying to get something from them, people will tire of you very quickly. Instead, give them something. “I know you’re interested in the effect of the Trans-Pacific Partnership on the trade deficit. Here’s an article I thought you might be interested in.” LEAD WITH VALUE!

Networking can be an effective way to begin the process of building relationships and selling your brand. The power of networking increases your net worth and provides you with exponential potential to increase your overall visibility and professional circle!

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